Teaching the Noah’s Ark Story: Proverbs 29:25

How to Teach Your Toddler Scripture

I am SO excited about this week’s lesson in Words to Dream On, about Noah’s Ark and “Staying Safe in the Big Boat!” It’s one of my favorite stories and the options for teaching the Noah’s Ark story are basically endless!

If you trust the Lord,
you will be safe
Proverbs 29:25

This week, we will be reading the creation story in Words to Dream On, Bedtime Bible Stories and Prayers, pages 18-21.

Each evening of the week, Monday through Sunday, we will be reading the story, in addition to our nightly books, praying the prayer, and reading Proverbs 29:25.

Monday’s Activity:
Read the story, prayer and scripture with your child at bedtime. Ask them to repeat the scripture with you and back to you. If they aren’t quite there yet, don’t worry – they will get there by the end of the week!

Tuesday’s Activity:
Let’s start our activities off with a bang! Grab some animal crackers (hopefully you have some from the store) and start talking about the story with your little ones, using those animal crackers as a teaching (and even a reward) aide.

Goals of this lesson:
1. Start the conversation about the Noah’s Ark story. Talk to your little one about how Noah listened to the Lord and kept his faith. Remind them several times that because of Noah’s obedience to the Lord, he kept him (and his family) safe during the flood.
2. Animal sounds. Reiterate the sounds each animal makes (from the animal crackers) as you prepare and talk through today’s lesson.
3. Sorting. Have your child sort the animals for you so that you have two of each animal, per child.

Wednesday’s Activity:
You might need to take a trip to the dollar store or the craft store for this project, but it will be, by far, one of your child’s favorite activities to go along with this lesson! Make a cloud and a rainbow! How could we resist?!?

Noahs Ark Rainbow Toddler Activity
Head on over to Raising My Two Girls for instructions on how to recreate this craft at home.

Thursday’s Activity:
By now, y’all should know that my little man loves to color! What a perfect activity for a Thursday – why not?! Here are a couple adorable, FREE printable Noah’s Ark Coloring pages that your tot might enjoy:

Head on over to Bible Based Homeschooling to print your coloring page.

Friday’s Activity:
Find some time, whether right before nap time or bedtime and read the story from Words to Dream On, Bedtime Bible Stories and Prayers, on pages 18-21, again. Go through the scripture several times and let them dwell on that, repeating it back to you as much as possible.

Saturday’s Activity:
Have any Popsicle sticks lying around? If not, grab these at the dollar store as well when you are there shopping for Tuesday’s rainbow craft and let’s make an arc!


Grab the complete set of directions at Danielle’s Place. (Tip: You will have to scroll down the page.)

Sunday’s Activity:
Enjoy your day today and give yourself and your little one some time to rest. If you missed a day during the week, you can also supplement with that activity today!

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