Teaching About Creation: Make Creation Snack Mix!

This is a fun way to teach your child about how God created the Earth, and everything that inhabits it. I originally found this on ChildrensMinistry.com and loved it so much that I thought I would share it here for you to do with your children as well! While it isn’t the healthiest snack mix in the world, this Creation Snack Mix is absolutely adorable and a good treat for once in a while.

Teach Your Child Scripture About Creation with the Fun and Easy to Make Creation Snack Mix

Here’s what you will need to make the Creation Snack Mix:
Mini Sandwich Cookies (like Oreos)
Frosted Wheat Cereal (like Frosted Mini-Wheats)
Colored, Candy-coated Chocolate Candies (like M&M’s)Pretzels (preferably the stick-shaped kind)
Fish-shaped Cheese Crackers (like Goldfish crackers)
Animal-shaped Cookies
Mini Marshmallows

As you create the Creation Snack Mix with your children, be sure to point out on which days God created something new and also what the food item or items represent.

Day 1 – Oreos – God separated the darkness from the light
Day 2 – Frosted Mini-Wheats – God separated the waters.
Day 3 – Green, Red, Blue M&M’s – God created grass, flowers and fruit on the land.
Raisins – God creating berries.
Pretzels – God creating trees.
Day 4 – Orange and Yellow M&M’s – God created the sun, moon and stars.
Day 5 – Goldfish crackers – God created the fish in the sea and birds in the air.
Day 6 – Animal cookies – God created the animals, man and woman on the earth.
Day 7 – Marshmallows – God rested.

We hope you have as much fun making and explaining this snack mix with your kids as we had with Bryce!

Tiffany and Jim

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