Take Pleasure in the Good – Psalm 37:1-2


When you are young, your parents try to instill the desire to do good rather than evil. To create situations where you know and DO the right thing despite what others are doing around you. With the availability of information out there today, it’s hard to provide the same for ourselves, spouses, children and friends.

We are constantly bombarded with the “sex sells” mentality that if you aren’t out there sleeping around (even if you are married – think Desperate Housewives), then something is wrong with you! How about this one… just use this face cream once per day for a few weeks and men will be swooning over you. YEAH RIGHT! Besides, there is only one man here on earth that I want swooning over me and he fell in love with me without that special cream – my husband!

When I read Psalm 37: 1-2, it really hit home to me. I know that for the most part, “what goes around, comes around,” but to see it in scripture makes it that more “real.” I appreciate the translation given by the New Living Translation: “Don’t worry about the wicked or envy those who do wrong. For like grass, they soon fade away. Like spring flowers, they soon wither.” What an amazing promise and observation!

Take what you will from the passage, but what memories do you have of someone being nice to you? Did someone do something special for you? Do you think about them from time to time? Chances are, if you have experienced the opposite, you have likely chosen to block out the evil doer – almost fading the memory of them away. I don’t think of anyone that has done wrong by me with a smile and a warm thought; but people that have touched my heart through kindness will have a forever place in my heart.


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