Save Money by Shopping Online!

Want to save money on things you already buy?

Simple Ways to Save Money on Online Shopping and Things You Already Buy

Yeah… yeah… yeah! You have heard this already, haven’t you?!? Why should I read another post about saving money when it takes 20 extra steps to do it and in the long run, I never save anything? How about, because I have only been using since the end of December 2014 and I have already saved over $126!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back
I like to shop online – I have an Amazon Prime account and I take advantage of the subscribe and save items as much as I can (think toilet paper, paper towel, diapers and dog food). Mainly it’s for the pricing, but the convenience of having items delivered to me versus having to shop with my almost-two year old in tow is very convincing! I don’t spend any more than I normally would shopping online and it really helps me organize my household and my spending. I am able to easily track how often we reorder things, get to a sale “online” at my favorite store much easier than in person, and I honestly think that by purchasing what I already buy online, it makes me more efficient.

When I first heard of, I honestly thought it was a joke. I saw commercials, I read other blogger’s posts and still wasn’t convinced.  I thought I would have to spend thousands of dollars to make pennies, but it wasn’t true! I was hesitant to try ebates because I didn’t know if it was really legit and I also didn’t know anyone that had tried it! Fast forward a few years… yes, I really said years… and I decided to take the plunge! The extra 3% or even 8-10% that I get back has been fun to see roll into my Paypal account each month.

Here are a few of my favorite stores on ebates:
Amazon (woo hoo! They don’t always give you money back on what you buy, but their deals change often!)Crazy 8 (Have to keep the little man looking spiffy!)
Sears (We ordered our new refrigerator through Sears and ebates and got $45 back, plus a coupon code!)
Macy’s (They often have double cash back!) (If you knew me, my obsession will make sense with this store!)
Home Depot and Lowe’s
and more!

So how does work?
First, you need to sign up! When you do, ebates gives you a $10 bonus (and yes, you REALLY get the $10 bonus)! Once you are signed up, you can begin shopping. Each time you go to make a purchase online, simply go to and type in the name of the store you are looking for or download the button for your browser and it will tell you when there is a money back option when you go to that store online. Follow the link to the store and complete your shopping trip. It’s that simple!

Here are a few tips:
1. Buy only what you need! If you go on there when you are bored and just start an online shopping trip, you may regret it.
2. Always check the coupon codes listed below the link for the store. You can use them in addition to your cash back and many times, they are great deals!
3. Use the “Buy Online/Pick Up” in store option! I often do this to save time (and money from impulse purchases) in stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s and even Best Buy. I get the instant gratification of being able to get my items almost immediately, but without the hassle and time it takes to pull the items myself.

Happy Shopping (and Saving)!

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