Genesis 1:1 – Teach Your Toddler Scripture

How to Teach Your Toddler Scripture in 52 Weeks

Hi Folks!

Welcome to the beginning of our journey as we work to teach our toddler scripture! We are sure it won’t be easy, but there is one thing we know: our lives will be blessed as we begin to see God and his works through the eyes of our son.

In the beginning,
God created the
heavens and the earth.
Genesis 1:1

This week, we will be reading the creation story in Words to Dream On, Bedtime Bible Stories and Prayers, pages 10-12.

Each evening of the week, Monday through Sunday, we will be reading the story, in addition to our nightly books, praying the prayer, and reading Genesis 1:1.

Monday’s Activity:
The Genesis 1:1 Printable Toddler Puzzle. Bryce has already been playing with the puzzle, but it affords the opportunity to repeat the verse, over and over again.

Genesis 1:1 Printable Toddler Puzzle to Help Teach Scripture about Creation

Print this on heavy cardstock or construction paper (the printable is in color) so that it will last all week! Don’t forget to bring the puzzle out the following days and weeks as well!

Tuesday’s Activity:
It’s a creation coloring page! We didn’t actually create this one, but major kuddos and thank you’s to Fueling Christian Life for creating it!

Free Printable Genesis 1 Creation Coloring Page from Fueling Christian Life
Head on over to Fueling Christian Life to download your coloring page.

Wednesday’s Activity:
Let’s do some more art! My little one had a blast with yesterday’s coloring and was asking for more, so I found 7 more coloring sheets that are perfect for your little one to color or paint their heart out! What do I really like with this? It has additional printable coloring sheets for older kids so they can join in on the fun as well! A big thanks to for creating and offering them for free!

Free Printable Genesis 1 Creation Coloring Page from

Head on over to to print your coloring pages.

Thursday’s Activity:
Make this adorable (and yummy) Creation Snack Mix with your little ones. Each ingredient corresponds to a day and something (or someone) that God created. They will love it and so will you!

Teach Your Child Scripture About Creation with the Fun and Easy to Make Creation Snack MixDon’t forget any of the ingredients!

Friday’s Activity:
Go for a walk with your little one – whether in the stroller or holding your hand. Be sure to point out the trees, wildlife and sounds that you see. Show them the clouds and let them feel the temperature outside. Repeat Genesis 1:1 several times as you walk and talk about how God made everything that you are pointing out on your walk.

Saturday’s Activity:
Find some time, whether right before nap time or bedtime and read the story from Words to Dream On, Bedtime Bible Stories and Prayers, on pages 10-12, again. Go through the scripture several times and let them dwell on that, repeating it back to you as much as possible. Tell them that on Monday night, you are going to start another scripture and get them excited!

Sunday’s Activity:
Rest! God took a rest on the 7th day – so should you!

Tiffany and Jim

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