You Don’t Have to Be Superwoman – It’s OK to be Ordinary

I struggled with the concept of being “Superwoman” or “Supermom” when I first had our son. (Who am I kidding?!?! I still struggle with it!) I thought that I had to do it all. I thought that I didn’t need help after Bryce was born, that those 37 hours in labor and traumatic delivery didn’t give me cause to ask for help. I didn’t realize that my autoimmune disease would affect my body and my mind in the way it did and has. I thought that I HAD to have it all figured out because every other mom has already got it all figured out, right? WRONG!

It’s OK to be ordinary. The truth is, just by being ordinary, you are extraordinary.

Television shows like “Married with Children” and “The Simpsons” were forbidden in my household when I was younger. However, I watched shows like “The Brady Bunch” and “Leave it to Beaver.” Those women ALWAYS had it all together (perhaps my perspective might have been different if I watched the other shows). Their makeup was perfectly applied, their homes were immaculate and their children listened. (And if they didn’t, there was typically a quick fix.) They had time for themselves and their own endeavors.

Society has created an ideal that when we try to measure up to it, we can’t help but fall short. I’m suggesting that instead of comparing ourselves to what society wants us to think is the “norm,” we start deciding what our individual family’s norm is. Talk to other moms – the minute you do, you will find out that you aren’t the only one struggling with certain issues. A few days ago, I wrote a post about Online Resources for Christian Moms – check out those podcasts. They are all about struggles – struggles relevant to the season in your life right now. You are not alone.

It's OK to be an Ordinary Mom - Just By Being Ordinary, You are Extraordinary

It’s OK to be ordinary. The truth is, just by being ordinary, you are extraordinary.

I repeated this statement because it’s true. Admitting that you have faults and there are things that you struggle with makes you more “perfect” than any mother, or anyone, that sweeps their struggles under the rug and acts (keyword, “acts”) like their life is perfect, all the time.

“Superwoman” doesn’t exist – that’s why she is a fictional character. However, “Supermom” does exist. It’s YOU!

She’s the mom that works 40 hours a week, picks up her children from daycare, picks up a takeout dinner, bathes her children, rocks them to sleep and still finds the energy to wash clothes, do the dishes and nurture adult relationships. She’s the mom that stays home with her children, prepares their daily meals, cleans up the toys on the floor for the 10th time only to walk back in a room to find them scattered all over the floor again, listens to children’s radio in the car and lives for 45 minutes of solitude at nap time. “Supermom” is the woman you know that can’t really afford to stay home with her children but can’t afford daycare either. She stays up well into the night and nap times working on ways to make extra income, prepares her family’s meals, cleans her home and still finds energy to put on a smile and have genuine conversations with her husband.

You see, you are a “Supermom,” because you are an ordinary mom. Chances are you don’t run around in a cape (or maybe you do). Fighting bad guys and trying to accomplish as much as you can in as little time possible isn’t what it’s all about. Be intentional with your “No’s.” Say “Yes” to the things that are good for you, your spouse and YOUR family. If it’s a burden – don’t do it.

If you spend the majority of time focused on your pitfalls and shortcomings, you won’t see the real truth of what you have to offer. You are the best mom for YOUR children. You are the best wife for YOUR husband. You are the best friend for YOUR friend. You are already the BEST – don’t dwell on the best of someone else – make your best truly be YOUR BEST.


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