Devotional: Living with Intention

This week, we have been talking about living with intention and living an intentional life. We have already discussed being intentional with your time. Today’s devotional will help strengthen our conversation from yesterday and lead us into Thursday and Friday’s topics of leading an intentional life with our relationships and our faith.

Matthew 10:8 says, "Freely You Have Received, Freely Give." Live life with intention and purpose so that you may give to those freely with the best possible "you" that you can.

What do you freely give? Your time, your expertise, your heart? Who do you freely give those things to? Your first answer should be Christ and then your spouse, your children, family members, etc.

Freely you have received,
freely give.
-Matthew 10:8

If you didn’t answer “the Lord” first, perhaps you have some shifting to do. Just as I mentioned yesterday, God’s intention is not for us to be bogged down with time-sucking opportunities that rob our blessing from completing tasks and spending time with those that give us joy, including Him! Living life with purpose means a “laser-like” focus on sorting out the “time-wasters” from the “joy gainers” in your life.

What brings you joy and why? What obligations do you currently have that don’t bring you joy? Can you manipulate either of these to allow you to lead a more intentional life?


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