Can it Get Any Better?!?

New Year Quote and Review from Fearfully Made Family

Whoa! 2014 was a fabulous year! Jim and I grew closer as a couple, we started to really see life through the eyes of our bouncing baby boy, Bryce and have cherished the things that matter to us most – God, our friends and family, and the activities that make us happy and whole.

This morning, we announced that we are stepping down from our partnership on (the website will still continue business as usual) to pursue our interest in and on a full-time basis. I am SO excited, but a little scared at the same time. I never dreamed that God would call me to the ministry, let alone lead me to create an entire website dedicated to furthering His kingdom and interacting with other Christians, with the inten t to lead others to Christ.

While this website will definitely become more robust, as a true Christian lifestyle blog, I am SO excited about I’ve always created the layouts, graphics and coding for our websites and now I am going to offer my services to others! will become a full-service blog/web design and consulting company focusing on affordable solutions for smaller businesses. That website will launch on or before 1/15/2015.

We are so grateful to have you along on this journey in 2015 and are unable to credit our success to anything but God and to you.

We can’t wait for 2015!

#GiveItToGod 2015 Prayer ChallengeDon’t forget – our 2015 #GiveItToGod Prayer Challenge starts 1/2/2105. Are you in?


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