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This isn’t your typical “About Us” page!

Meet Jim, Tiffany and Bryce. The dynamic trio of FearfullyMadeFamily.com. Well… Bryce is dynamic in his own right, but he is only 1.5 years old, so he’s not doing any of the writing here – yet! Bryce is helpful with creating content that other families can relate to 😉

Want to know more about Jim? Here goes….
Jim became a Christian at a young age, being baptized and growing up in the faith as a teenager and young adult. He was involved in youth ministry and served as a Sunday School teacher for several years beginning in 2008. Jim recently left his full-time post where he traveled 80% of the time for more time with his family. He is currently employed full-time by a web-based educational, learning company and loving every minute!

Want to know more about Tiffany? Sure thing! Here you are!
Tiffany is, after a follower of Jesus Christ, a wife and a mother. Those are her #1 jobs! Second to those equally important roles, she works from home as a blogger (at HeandSheEatClean.com, TiffanyStaples.com and here at FearfullyMadeFamily.com), as well as an Etsy seller, making custom draperies.

Tiffany grew up in the Catholic religion, attending CCD classes and following the “steps” ordained by the religion. While she believed in God throughout her childhood (and beyond), it wasn’t until later in life, when she started dating Jim that she discovered she could have a personal relationship with God. He was more than just someone she worshiped on Sundays. Tiffany’s faith has grown throughout the years; however, it wasn’t until God called her to the ministry during a fitness conference in July of 2014 that she began to realize where God really wanted her.

Jim and Tiffany tied the knot in March of 2007 and have been blissfully (Well, most of the time! We’ll elaborate more in the future.) married ever since. In May of 2013, they welcomed a healthy, bouncing baby boy, Bryce after experiencing a time of infertility (Again, we will elaborate more for those who can relate in the future!).

We can’t wait to see how our story grows and are excited to have you along for the ride!

Jim and Tiffany