1 Chronicles 16:34 : Teaching About Adam and Eve in Genesis

How to Teach Your Toddler Scripture in 52 Weeks

How did last week’s lesson on Genesis 1 go with your toddler? The thought of how to teach your toddler scripture might seem hard, but it’s so rewarding, especially when you hear that sweet voice quote scripture back to you! Let’s continue this week with 1 Chronicles 16:34.

His faithful love
endures forever.
1 Chronicles 16:34

This week, we will be reading the creation story in Words to Dream On, Bedtime Bible Stories and Prayers, pages 14-17.

Each evening of the week, Monday through Sunday, we will be reading the story, in addition to our nightly books, praying the prayer, and reading 1 Chronicles 16:34.

Monday’s Activity:
Read the story, prayer and scripture with your child at bedtime. Ask them to repeat the scripture with you and back to you. If they aren’t quite there yet, don’t worry – they will get there by the end of the week!

Tuesday’s Activity:
Let’s start coloring! Mama’s Learning Corner has created beautiful Adam and Eve bible coloring pages that are perfect for teaching your child about the characters involved in the Adam and Eve story in Genesis.

Head on over to Mama’s Learning Corner to download your coloring pages.

Wednesday’s Activity:
Get out your felt! This activity board might be more fun for mom than the kiddos! Start on this project early so it’s ready to go or have your older kids that are OK with scissors help you cut some of the pieces for this sweet felt board.


Head on over to Keeping Life Creative for instructions on how to recreate this adorable set at home.

Thursday’s Activity:
Continue reading the Genesis 2 and 3 story and talking with your child about obeying God’s commands and what it actually means to sin and have consequences. Let’s color (or paint) another printable today that will help you solidify the Adam and Eve story with your child.

Head on over to Color Kiddo to print your coloring page.

Friday’s Activity:
Get out that construction paper! Let’s make a snake and have some apples for a treat today. Here’s a simple tutorial on a chain snake you can make from DLTK Kids.


Saturday’s Activity:
Find some time, whether right before nap time or bedtime and read the story from Words to Dream On, Bedtime Bible Stories and Prayers, on pages 14-17, again. Go through the scripture several times and let them dwell on that, repeating it back to you as much as possible. Tell them that on Monday night, you are going to start another scripture and get them excited!

Sunday’s Activity:
Enjoy your day today and give yourself and your little one some time to rest. If you missed a day during the week, you can also supplement with that activity today!

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